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Welcome to   Earth Art NZ Pottery

New Zealand made pottery.

Each piece is individually formed on the potters wheel to ensure a genuine bespoke gift is created, as unique as the person it was made for.

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NZ Icon Mugs

Created from 100% locally sourced New Zealand clay, these individually hand made mugs are each decorated with a mini sculpture of one of our wonderful NZ iconic birds, mammals or flowers.

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Ever evolving homeware range includes

Tea Strainers, Condiment Dishes, Mugs,

Spoon Rests, and Sugar Bowls.

Each are made to showcase the clays natural characteristics. 

Designed to compliment any setting.


Bird Sculptures

Created to showcase many of our endangered species and help fund their recovery. These birds were specifically designed as one-offs with no two birds being the same. Orders may be arranged upon request. 

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Garden art designed to add a touch of colour and fun in plant pots or those shady spots. 

Great selection of goony birds, mushrooms and other garden critters. This hand crafted range also includes bird feeders and bird baths designed to keep your feathered friends safe from cats. 

Flowers and Garden Art


Bee Range

Just the Bees Knees

These hand made mugs, bowls, honey pots / sugar bowls and vase or garden decorations feature individually hand sculptured bees, ensuring unique quality pieces.

Available in white or brown.

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